Board of Directors

Adviye Bergemann

Ms. Adviye Bergemann was born in Kuşadası/Turkey in 1972. Since 1985, she has worked in the tourism sector and held various positions throughout her early career which lead into senior management roles. In 2003, Ms. Adviye Bergemann chose to focus on developing luxury tourism in Turkey and so Aida Tours was established. Working with high end travel companies from all over the globe, Aida Tours has since been promoting Turkey as a luxury destination and strives to increase international investment in our country. After many years of promoting firstly Turkey as a luxury destination, Ms. Adviye Bergemann recognised that by collaborating with the partners in Turkey to focus on destination-orientated marketing as a collective, this would be far more effective. Thus, in 2014, LuxinTurkey (Turkey’s Luxury Tourism Platform) was established and has grown to be one of the most successful marketing platforms for the luxury tourism sector in Turkey. After many years of experience in tourism she notice that; What makes tourism alluring is its contribution to social and economic life. It is essential to set up sustainable tourism systems in order to begin with the repairs and regulations that can be made in this area and to protect the natural and cultural heritage that will pass down to future generations.Observing this situation USTUD has been established in 2019. By people who have put their lives into tourism in order to preserve the cultural, historical and natural treasures of the world and keep tourism sustainable for the future generations…

Doç. Dr. Volkan Altıntaş

Volkan Altıntaş was born in 1978. He graduated from Gazi University in Ankara with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and obtained an MSc in Tourism and Hotel Management at Akdeniz University in Antalya where he proceed to PhD at the same department. He worked as a Research Assistant between 2003-2010.

At the same time, he was the member of the Junior Researchers team in the center for European Integration Studies at Bonn University in Germany. He completed PhD in 2010 with the dissertation of “The Effects of Tourism Development on Quality of Life of Residents: The Model of Alanya Region”.

His interested research areas are European Union, tourism politics, regional developments, quality of life and tourism economics. He knows English and German in professional level as foreign languages. He is working at Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Faculty of Tourism as an Associate Professor.

Serdar Çelenk

Serdar Çelenk was born to an Istanbulite family who moved to Izmir. He completed his primary and secondary education as well his academic studies in economics in Izmir after starting higher education in Istanbul University Faculty of Economics. He is a tourist guide of 41 years and has been continuously working in tourism since 1974. He has assumed president and founder positions in many foundations and social clubs. He has been contributing to establishment of tourism policies as the President of the International Tourism Association after his work as the President of Board of Management of Izmir Chamber of Tourism Guides. He is still continuing his work as the founding president of Aegean Gastronomy Tourism Association and the co-founding president of International Sustainable Tourism Association.

Çelenk, who has been working towards tourism with a high added value , has been striving for growth of proper tourism etiquette with his columns on online tourism outlets.

Ferdi Akarsu

Ferdi Akarsu has been conducting studies in the field of environmental and sectoral sustainability in many national and international non-governmental organizations and public institutions for many years. Akarsu is also an ornithologist who studies endangered species and endangered natural areas and has specialized in birds. He has studies and numerous articles on nature research, culture and bio-culture, urban ecosystems, resilience for cities and sectors, ecological principles and ecotourism along with sustainable tourism in many national and international platforms. Ferdi Akarsu, whom we know from his articles in Atlas Magazine and Hürriyet Seyahat Newspaper, deals with the issue of sustainability and global warming with the book “Green – Sustainable Life and Climate” published in 2020. Akarsu’s greatest passion, along with birds, is to research methods for sustainability in human daily activities, urban practices and sectoral production, and in this way bring people closer to nature and nature to human beings.

Seda Kutluk

Seda Kutluk, who was born in Ankara, has graduated from İzmir Özel Türk High School. In 2001, she achieved her BA degree at the Department of Economics at the Bilkent University. Through her 20 year career dedicated to tourism, Kutluk executed integrated marketing communications both in the public and private sector. Ms. Kutluk, from 2002 to 2007, served for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey, under the departments: Research, Planning and Coordination Board and General Directorate of Promotion. Meanwhile, she has completed the EU Project Management Training Program by European Union Research Center, Ankara University. Also, involved in the progress of two EU funded projects managed by the Anatolian Sustainable Development Agency that was to be a non-profit NGO.

Kutluk, switching to the private sector in 2007, served as the Marketing Manager at Ela Quality Resort Hotel, an investment of Özak Global Holding. She joined the Doğuş Group in 2012 and served as the Marketing Director in the opening team of D Maris Bay ( member of the Leading Hotels of the World ) which was the first hotel managed by the Group and pioneered the group’s further hospitality investments. Kutluk, has been in charge of Marketing and Communications during the upcoming hotel openings of the Group in Turkey and abroad. In 2015, she was appointed to Istanbul headquarters as the marketing and communications manager of Doğuş Hospitality and Retail Group that gathered the hotels, marinas, travel & event management and retail companies. Concurrently, the Group’s expanding luxury hotels over Europe collected under an umbrella, headquarters based in Rome, and Kutluk in line to her position executed the Marketing and Communications in this branding project.

Lastly, as of 2018, she served as the Projects and Sponsorships Director at the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies ( TÜRSAB ). Kutluk, represented the Union at the Istanbul Tourism Platform Coordination Board of Istanbul Metropolitan City Municipality; cooperated with the United Nations Development Program UNDP Ankara office to develop sustainable tourism projects.

Message from The Founder ​

Our country, with its opportunities, geographical location, climate, vegetation, fauna, unique historical heritage and sectoral experience is in a special position among touristic destinations. Among these prominent destinations, the concept of “sustainable tourism”, which has attracted attention in recent years, is not limited to shaping the plans for tourism in the future, but even affects today’s tourism.

The main motivation that drives us and the purpose of sustainable tourism, is to protect the regions where tourism takes place from its negative effects on cultural, natural and historical heritage and to improve the current conditions, as well as to ensure the livelihood of local people,cultures and genertions to come that live off tourism, and thus to ensure the continuity of existing tourism activities and local cultures.

We, who are deeply connected to the lands where we live, have taken action to grant the well deserved respect and the value to them with. I hope we will increase in size along this journey and provide good gains for the future.