Our Story

What makes tourism alluring is its contribution to social and economic life. On the contrary, the pollution, deterioration and unplanned consumption of resources have caused certain groups of people to be concerned about the lasting effects of tourism in recent years. On the contrary, we have to accept that tourism has negative aspects and act with a understanding of sustainability in tourism. It is essential to set up sustainable tourism systems in order to begin with the repairs and regulations that can be made in this area and to protect the natural and cultural heritage that will pass down to future generations. Observing this situation from within the sector, we found the International Sustainable Tourism Association. The idea of tourism being more conscious, respectful of its environment and nature, contributive to local people and their culture, advancing the tourism potential of the country and carrying it to the future by improving on the current situation brought us together. In this direction, our aim is to ensure that the local people benefit from tourism as well, therefore promoting sustainability, environmental conservation, protection and boosting of cultural values, and to support tourism with high added value.