The Temple of Artemis

To Conserve Thousand Years Old Heritage

One of our founding purposes as USTUD is to develop social projects which will contribute to our national treasures and preserve our heritage to be passed on to the upcoming generation. Accordingly, we develop projects that restore and landscape historical heritage; contribute, follow through and share them with the industry. These projects do not aim to generate revenue but to contribute to national tourism thus uplifting the locals.

USTUD’s first project is The Temple of Artemis. This project aims to fund the landscaping of the temple in order to define it as a touristic center up to world standards.

USTUD spearheads this endeavor to carry over The Temple of Artemis to the future with global communication actions in order to bring it to the limelight thus attracting millions of tourists every year.

Why is The Temple of Artemis so important for national tourism?

  • It is one of the 7 wonders of the antique world
  • Capital of a cult that spreads through India to Portugal
  • Hosted a strong lineup of women from Cybele to Amazonians, Diana to Mother Mary.
  • It is the first marble structure of the ancient world that is to the scale of a monument.
  • It is the banking and trade center of the ancient world
  • Religious center of an age
  • First pillared structure in European architecture

Ephesian Artemis and The Temple of Artemis

Artemis, just like her namesake temple built to honor her, is a grand and unique goddess. In Ephesian chronicles they refer to her with these words:

Founder, savior, lodestar, insuperable, advisor, persuader, relaxing, accepting, gracious, free-spirit, lawmaker, queen, queen of the world, grand, illuminating, marble faced, goddess of bountiful harvest, untouchable, always ready, midwife, deer hunter, beautiful daughter of Zeus.

The ageless, breathtaking temple was completed in year 120. Byzantine philosopher Philon describes the grandeur of The Temple of Artemis with these words:

“I’ve seen the walls and hanging gardens of archaic Babel, the statue of Olympian Zeus, The Colossus of Rhodes, the impeccable labor of grand pyramids and the tomb of Mausoleus. But all of their impressions were bathos when I laid eyes upon the temple in Ephesus that reached for the heavens.”


We plan to fund the project by ticket sales from a Gala Dinner in Ephesus Ancient City which we will invite leading Turkish and International businessmen.

Famous international artists will take stage thus granting the project more attraction.

To Become The Voice Of Artemis

Nowadays the Temple of Artemis which is in UNESCO World Heritage list as well as the travel lists of tourists visiting Ephesus is noiseless. It is far from its century old grandeur. It is the social responsibility of each one of us to become the voices of the historically important Artemis and bring it back to its well-deserved status which in turn will generate national touristic growth.